Hammered Dulcimer Music by Vince Conaway
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"The best hammered dulcimer player I know of...Captivating and unique!"

I'm Vince Conaway, a musician and composer, and you can find me performing a wide variety of music on hammered dulcimer throughout the Americas and Europe with music ranging through Celtic, medieval, renaissance, and baroque repertoires. Whether I'm performing in English, Spanish, or Italian, I believe that the audience should not be separated from the show but instead be a part of it, and I bring a bit of cultural and historical perspective to every performance.

"Go ahead and ask him a geeky question. Odds are that he'll have an answer - and that he'll keep playing while he talks" - Medieval Cookery

Music is always a collaboration. You are a vital part of the show, elevating my performance through your expressions, questions, and reactions. I need your openness, your playfulness, and your support to keep the music alive and growing. Thank you for buying CDs, downloading from iTunes, and adding me to your Spotify playlists.

I want to brighten the world with my hammered dulcimer. If I can pull your mind away from your daily troubles for just a moment of melody I have succeeded, whether in the lanes of a renaissance festival or busking the streets of Europe.

Now I'm excited to offer you a new opportunity to come along with me on my journeys, through Patreon. Artists and patrons working together created the Italian Renaissance and changed the world. By becoming my patron in the classic sense you become a new kind of audience. Come join me as I explore the mountains of South America, entertain on the festival circuit, and wander the streets of Europe.

Help me get this show on the road through your Contribution!

Scheduled Performances


January 16
Septentrian Twelfth Night (SCA)
Bowmanville, Ontario

February 13 - March 6
Sherwood Forest Faire
Bastrop, TX

March 13 - 19
Gulf Wars (SCA)
Hattiesburg, MS

March 23 - May 17
Busking tour of Italy (Genoa, Lecce, Taranto, Foggia, Bologna)

May 28 - June 5
St. Louis Renaissance Festival Preview Weekends
Wentzville, MO

June 11 - 18
Lilies War (SCA)
Smithville, MO

June 19 - 26
SCA Fifty Year Celebration (SCA)
Danville, IN

June 29 - July 2
Trillium Wars (SCA)
Greater Toronto, Ontario

July 5 - 24
Busking Byward Market
Ottawa, Ontario

July 31 - August 5
Pennsic War (SCA)
Slippery Rock, PA

August 6 - October 2
New York Renaissance Faire
Tuxedo, NY

October 8 - 16
St. Louis Renaissance Festival
Wentzville, MO

November 5 - December 11
The Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Hammond, Louisiana


January 10
A Regular Event in the Cleftlands (SCA)
Rocky River, Ohio

January 23-24
A Market Day at Birka (SCA)
Manchester, New Hampshire

January 30 - February 1
North Carolina House Concert Tour
Email for Details

February 7
Step Spritely (SCA)
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

February 10 - May 5
Busking Tour of Italy
Genoa, Sassari, Oristano, Iglesias, Naples, Pisa, Modena, Bologna, Padova

May 16 - June 14
Greater St Louis Renaissance Faire
Wentzville, MO

June 15-21
Lilies War (SCA)
Smithville, MO

June 25-28
Tall Ships Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

July 1 - July 5
Trillium Wars (SCA)
Orono, Ontario

July 8 - July 19
Minneapolis street performing

July 26 - 30 and August 3 - 7
Pennsic War (SCA)
Slippery Rock, PA

August 1 - September 27
New York Renaissance Faire
Tuxedo, NY

October 4
Fort Tryon Medieval Festival
October 24-25
Ohio Renaissance Festival
Dayton, OH

November 7 - December 13
The Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Hammond, Louisiana