Vince began his musical explorations on mandolin and cittern while in college at Ohio State, based on childhood piano lessons. Getting his first gig playing traditional Celtic music at the Ohio Renaissance Festival in 1998, he went on to broaden his touring horizons across the eastern US. He originally took up the dulcimer as a hobby but found it capturing his imagination so thoroughly that it became his primary instrument.

He began composing his own material in 2004, broadening himself from being an exclusively traditional player. The next year he began touring with the Aerial Angels, musically accompanying their acrobatic and aerial feats. He first traveled to Europe as a tourist in 2006, which inspired several songs, and returned that summer on tour with the Angels.

It was during that tour that he first experimented with street performing, also called busking. Those experiments formed the basis for four months of performing in Italy in 2007, where he composed the material for L'Inverno Italiano. Since then he has returned to Italy numerous times, as well as performing in Greece, Austria, Croatia, and Montenegro.

Vince currently divides his year between the renaissance festival circuit, North American street performing, and several months busking in Europe each spring. Throughout his travels he also offers a sporadic schedule of art gallery, coffee shop, and house concert performances.

In the past he has appeared at the New York Renaissance Faire (Tuxedo, 2012), King Richard's Faire (2008-2010), Louisiana Renaissance Festival (2003-2012), Greater St Louis Renaissance Faire (2002-2013), Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival (2011), Colorado Renaissance Festival (2011), Sterling Renaissance Festival (2008), Maryland Renaissance Festival (2005-2007), Michigan Renaissance Festival (2004), Kansas City Renaissance Festival (2002-2003), Ontario Renaissance Festival (1999-2004), and Ohio Renaissance Festival (1998-2001). Additionally he has performed guest weekends at Bristol Renaissance Faire, Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Carolina Renaissance Festival, Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival, and Virginia Renaissance Faire.